What we do

Evident supports organizations to design and deliver robust research projects and translate evidence into action with robust programming and evidence-based interventions. 

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At Evident, we specialize in robust, but practical and achievable, research. Our team has experience with child protection in international development contexts with a focus on understanding risks and solutions from technology and the online environment. Our support can encompass design, ethics considerations, planning and implementation of activities and analysis. We have experience safely enabling active participation from highly vulnerable and marginalized populations in prior projects involving children, young people, caregivers and lived experts.

Qualitative Data Collection

We specialize in designing and conducting data collection methods that prioritize safety, sensitivity and empathy for participants and lived experts. We have designed and administered trauma-informed approaches and understand the ethical and practical necessities of such work.

Quantitative Data Collection

We design and administer quantitive data collection via self-administered and facilitated surveys. Our experts in quantitative analysis then turn the data into programming insights.

Documentary Analysis

We can identify appropriate documentary sources for legal, policy, and research reviews that draw insights from the existing data. We also conduct literature reviews and assessments of available research to ensure that all the work you do is grounded in evidence.

Stakeholder Engagement

Beyond structured research, we know that valuable insights frequently can come from discussions - with the right people. We have experience in identifying and engaging stakeholders from grassroots community advocates to senior government officials.

We provide data-driven strategic advice that propels organizations toward impactful child protection and trafficking programming.  Our experience with complex research that addresses ethical and psychological safety helps guide your organization toward effective, evidence-based programming.

Our team of professionals will navigate the data to help you practically apply it in realistic and achievable child protection and trafficking programming. Throughout our engagements, we collaborate with you, leveraging data insights to advise and develop programs that make sense to programming staff, and target populations. 

There is frequently a gap between research and programming in international development, with programming staff expected to absorb and enable complex research findings from long reports with little or no professional coaching. Evident will support your organisation to translate the research evidence into action by helping you co-create programming and evidence-based interventions.


At Evident, we believe in equipping organizations and professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver carefully designed programming. Our training is applied and practical and is tailored to audiences.

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