Videos & Briefs: Global Insights into the Sexual Exploitation of Boys

In 2023 we saw our Special Issue of the International Journal of Child Abuse & Neglect published. The Special Issue is titled ‘Global Insights into the Sexual Exploitation of Boys’ and features ground-breaking research from around the world.

Together with the authors of these articles, we created six concise videos and six research-to-action practice briefs for frontline workers. These resources are designed to facilitate engagement with the findings, even for those with limited time.

The concise videos, ranging from 2 to 5 minutes, provide insightful glimpses into the research findings. The complementary briefs are available here:

A global systematic scoping review of literature on the sexual exploitation of boys

Enhancing a survivor-centred approach to healthcare provision in Afghanistan

Frontline support services for boys who have experienced child sexual exploitation: A thematic review of survey data from seven countries

Sexual exploitation of children Barriers for boys in accessing social supports for victimization

“She was willing to send me there” Intrafamilial child sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking of boys

Which groups are most affected by sexual violence? An analysis of adolescents in South Africa

All these products, as well as the recording of a launch webinar, are also available via our friends at ISPCAN in their global  Knowledge Hub.

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