Paper: Child Sexual Abuse/Exploitation and LGBTQI+ Children: Context, Links, Vulnerabilities, Gaps, Challenges and Priorities

This peer-reviewed article in the brand new Child Protection and Practice journal was co-authored by Dr Mark Capaldi from Mahidol University and Evident’s Jennifer Schatz and Dr Mark Kavenagh. The article explores the intricate issue of child sexual abuse and exploitation (CSEA) among LGBTQI+ children. Research reveals that LGBTQI+ status is associated with increased risks for CSEA, with these young individuals facing unique challenges such as homelessness, poly-victimization, and barriers to accessing vital protections. Yet it is crucial to understand that being LGBTQI+ is not the cause of increased vulnerability to CSEA. Instead, societal discrimination, stigma, and oppression linked to LGBTQI+ status elevate the risks of victimization. Our research highlights the need for targeted interventions and support to address these core factors and protect LGBTQI+ children and young people from CSEA.

You can read the full article here:

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