Evident brings knowledge and expertise to execute and oversee research projects that effectively inform your programming. We then assist you in leveraging the data in practical ways that drive meaningful improvements in child protection and counter-trafficking programming. By applying insights from the data, we help you transform programming to nurture and safeguard children and vulnerable target populations worldwide.

With our understanding and experience with complex research that addresses ethical and psychological safety we offer expertise to guide your organization toward effective, evidence-based programming.

We specialize in robust, but practical and achievable, research in child protection and international development. With a focus on technology's risks and solutions, we design and implement projects with ethics in mind.

We support your organization in turning complex research findings into actionable strategies. Through co-creation and robust processes, we translate evidence into programs and interventions.

Our clients

Evident helps NGOs run careful, well-planned and managed research projects, and support them to apply what is learned to improve the ways that we look after children around the world. Some of our clients include: 

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